Hajj Personal Care Set

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Hajj / Umra Personal Care Set

Basic personal care necessities for your hajj or umra  all conveniently packaged in zipper case.  (Items in bold are not permitted for use in the state of Ihram).

Set includes: 

  • Tweezers stainless 
  • Nail Clipper stainless
  • Shaving Razor
  • Compact Toothbrush
  • Hair Trimming Scissors 5.5” stainless
  • Halal shampoo / body wash unscented 90ml
  • Halal moisturizing lotion unscented 90ml
  • Halal Mouthwash unscented 90ml
  • Halal deodorant unscented 50gm
  • Halal toothpaste unscented 90ml
  • Halal vaseline 90ml