Maya's TLC Nail Care Kit

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Maya's new TLC Kit is made up of four parts that will help you take care of your nails regardless of the condition. Chemicals, arid weather, and other elements expose our nails to these hazards on a regular basis.

Here's why our new TLC KIT can benefit you.

  • Our cuticle oil is formulated to preserve and increase circulation while also promoting nail growth. 

  • Our nail strengtheners are essential for providing your nails with the proteins they need to be hydrated and nourished.

  • The accompanying top coat gloss acts as an extra barrier to keep your nails looking fresh and smooth.

  • Unlike others, our long-lasting manicure brush is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas. While also removing any residue from beneath the nails.

It’s no secret that without the proper care our nails can become brittle and dry. But with the right tools, Maya’s TLC nail kit can help.